The Best Man (2008)

Title: The Best Man
Director: Justin Lazernik
Year: 2008
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English
Running time: 14 mins
IMDB link:

Plot synopsis:
A Best Man helps the groom get ready before his wedding but when is it too late to let someone know how you feel?

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  3. i would have to agree.
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    1. Seen this film, it's pretty good. Liking your blog a lot too!

    2. That rly meant a lot ! You see, I've got this new short film but I can't find the original version. Its just part of it, but anyway I can say it's awesome from what can be seen. It's here:

  5. after downloaded and unzip, how to play this film? I used windows media player, realplayer, and GOM player. Non of them are working. any suggestions?